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Quality Control

It is Astro’s commitment to customer satisfaction through quality control, product testing, reliability, and on-time delivery that sets us apart from the competition.

Product Testing

At Astro, we believe testing is essential to a quality product. We do micro sectioning as a quality test and to assure our customers that we meet with their drawing specifications.

Other services offered by our testing department are:

C.A.S.S. Copper Accelerated Salt Spray – Corrosion resistance testing

Humidity Testing – Temperature / Humidity testing

S.T.E.P. Testing – Simultaneous Thickness & Electro Potential testing, testing the thickness of the various different layers of nickel.

Thermo Cycling – Cyclical temperature testing - 35 to 180 degrees

Micro Sectioning Testing To analyze the thickness of the various plating layers

Adhesion Testing – Adhesion strength of the plating to the plastic substrate.

Drop Tests – Chipping and fracture test

Project Management

Project Management is more than ever becoming an important factor within every industry, the need to transfer information efficiently to meet crucial target dates, has to be managed. The use of timing plans, and other tools have enabled smooth transitions from concept of product through to launch. We've found this to be the most effective way for us to support both customer and sub-supplier.

Our project management team has complete ownership over your portfolio of products, to give you the personal commitment on your requirements. Our “one contact, one account” philosophy has a proven success record, giving added value and peace of mind to you the customer; ensuring that your project is delivered on time within the time frame set for the project, without problems, first time every time. Call us at 631-968-0656 to see what Astro can do for your next project.


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