Quality Control

It is Astro’s commitment to customer satisfaction through quality control, product testing, reliability, and on-time delivery that sets us apart from the competition.

Product Testing

At Astro, we believe testing is essential to a quality product. We do micro sectioning as a quality test and to assure our customers that we meet with their drawing specifications.

Other services offered by our testing department are:

C.A.S.S. Copper Accelerated Salt Spray – Corrosion resistance testing

Humidity Testing – Temperature / Humidity testing

S.T.E.P. Testing – Simultaneous Thickness & Electro Potential testing, testing the thickness of the various different layers of nickel.

Thermo Cycling – Cyclical temperature testing - 35 to 180 degrees

Micro Sectioning Testing To analyze the thickness of the various plating layers

Adhesion Testing – Adhesion strength of the plating to the plastic substrate.

Drop Tests – Chipping and fracture test

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